Why Send Flowers

There are few ways as effective at expressing your feelings from afar as sending a lovely bouquet of flowers. Flowers are great at brightening up a room and are reminders to the recipient of a good deed or relationship. There are thousands of types of flowers that can be sent and just as many reasons to send them. It is important, however, to think about why we send flowers to people, so that we don’t accidentally send flowers on the wrong occasion or at a bad time.

Flowers are sent most often to celebrate a romantic relationship, whether it is a boyfriend sending roses to his girlfriend, or a husband sending his wife some lovely Gerbera daisies to celebrate their anniversary. The only question is how big a bouquet you send; because there is no doubt that this is a favorite of girlfriends and wives all over the country. In the case of someone in a relationship that has not lasted that long, sending a small bouquet of something like a Gerbera daisy or other flower may be better.

There are plenty of other worthy reasons why people send flowers to others. One reason is to congratulate a colleague for a promotion at work or a friend for graduation from college. Another reason is to thank someone for helping you move into a new apartment or for helping take care of a loved one. A final reason why people send flowers is to stay in touch with a friend who is living far away. No matter what the reason, sending flowers is a great way to connect with another person.

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