Colors of Flower Arrangements

The colors of the flowers you are thinking about ordering can say a lot to the person who is going to receive them. In many instances you will find that you are ordering some type of flower arrangement for a celebration or a celebration of love, and other times, because you want to say you are sorry, or that you are wishing someone well, to get well, and you are sending flowers as a sympathy message. The type and the color of flowers you are sending to the person, is going to make a statement without even sending a card.

Every person does have his or her personal favorite flower, personal favorite colors and mixtures when it comes to a flower arrangement. If you are ordering flowers for someone, and you know what their favorite is, this your chance to shine, giving them the flower arrangement you know they are just going to love. If you want to send a message that you care and that you are thinking about someone find out what their favorite flower is, or what their favorite color is and base your order on that.

What the colors of your flower arrangement are going to say to the person you are ordering? The pastel colors are most known for passion, sorrow, and for easing the pain. The bold, bright and colorful flowers are more for strengthening the bonds that the two of your (or more of you) may already share. The bold colors are bold statements of love, bold statements of I am sorry, but the pastel colors of the same flower are going to ease a person who is suffering or feeling anguish. Of course, if the opposite is true, about the person you are ordering flowers for, that they love the pastel flowers, any pastel flowers, and you are sending flowers for someone's birthday, you should order what they expect and what they love the most without having to think about the color or what other meanings they may have for other people.

Black flowers are for those who are a little different. Not many people are going to send black or even dark purple roses to many people. Red roses are known for being the color of love, but yellow roses are a celebration of young and trusting love. Carnations and daisies are for the spirits that are free, that love nature and that want to be pampered a bit more. If you are considering exotic flowers, this represents that you think the person you are sending flowers too is exotic, daring and unique in their own manner.

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